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#1 in America in Losing Pounds & Inches


No Starvation Or Hunger

No Pre-Packaged Food


Come in and meet our dedicated staff. Compare our methods with those of the past.
This is a comprehensive program of Life-Changing Magnitude, designed to guarantee your weight loss journey will be successful.

You will begin your journey with a complete Body Analysis to determine the adrenal gland and thyroid functions. You will receive weekly scans of your BMI(Body Mass Index) the scan will determine what is actually going on inside your body.


After a readout of your muscular skeleton relationship and the amount of visceral fat, it will determine your real age, and you may be surprised at what you learn. Visceral fat is the ugly fat that wraps around your organs. You will be scanned weekly. We will keep a journal of your weight loss, fat loss, and inch loss. You can watch your age go in reverse as you regain health and vitality.


A New You With Healthy Weigh XPRESS

Your diet and the nutritional plan will be designed with your lifestyle in mind. For less money than most diet plans, in addition to your personalized diet plan along with a fabulous recipe book, you will receive seven MediWraps.  That will shrink fat cells, reduce inches, and reshape your body while losing weight.

Toning your skin as you lose weight will make a huge difference in your appearance. A Healthy Weigh Xpress Fat Burning Unit will melt the fat cells, just below the skin, liquefy and release them. By combining our MediWrap System and all other parts of our program, you will see yourself with amazing results. 


Weight Loss Program That Realy Works For You....!!!

Adjusting balance on weighing scale
Healthy weigh xpress

We are helping other professionals replicate our success with easy investment programs. Our all-natural program will make your practice the #1 "Pound and Inch Loss" location ANYWHERE!

Lose inches


  • Healthy Weigh Fat Burning Unit

  • Bio-Communication Body Scan Unit

  • Advanced Body Comp Scale

  • MEDIWRAP Detox System

  • 6 Week All Natural Diet Programs

  • Stand Up Vibration Machine

  • 30 Days of Social Media Advertising 

  • Complete Training 

  • All Literature~ Supplies~ More

  • Foot Detox Bath

  • Face Wand

Radio and Other Promo Materials,

Complete Training, Stay in our World Class Spa, Cooperate Offices, Rooms, Food & Fun More!!


Some get their investment back in about THREE months, not in no less than a year.

(The $29,995 package can do this.)


Our 30-day program of advertising will help ensure your success from day 1! Most locations should expect to revive their investment back in less than a year. Normally months. Our staff has over 80 years of experience in the field of health, beauty, and weight loss. We combined our knowledge of land experience with the most modern technology available. To help people lose pounds and inches at the same time.



Nobody does what we do. You will become very quickly known as the place to go for Pound and Inch matter who or how many competitors you have. 

SIMPLY STATED: If you have a small room available(8*10 or 10*12 etc), you can generate $15000 to $40000 a month additional income for your business. (This will dramatically enhance your business immediately). If you have an existing business such as a doctor, chiropractor, spa, beauty salon, etc, or rent a room from one of these types of businesses for your business, two rooms are even better. 

TWO CHOICES: You can be trained here in Florida at our World Class Offices. Spacious Rooms, Pool, Great Food from our World-Class Chef, Snorkeling in the Crystal Clear waters, Golf Plantations Inn, Swim with Manatees, Fishing, and more. or we can train at your location. 

Infrared Light

Red Light Therapy Thermal Face Lift

Non-Surgical Skin tightening procedures like Thermal FaceLift can help undo the damage done by time, restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and improving the appearance of everything from sagging jowls to crepey and loose skin on the neck. 


A single treatment is enough to deliver visible results but, the more treatments you get, the longer and better the results will be. 

Foot Detox
Infrared Light

Ionic Foot Bath (Detoxify)

Are you tired of those skin rashes, uneven dark patches, and dark circles? Or are you done with swollen joints, sore muscles, low metabolism, and low energy?


All these can indicate a build-up of harmful toxins and acidic waste in your body. Which we are all exposed to because of our polluted environment and chemical-ridden products.

Removes Toxic Substances Naturally and Effectively

Reasons To Invest In Healthy Way XPRESS 
Look At The Comparision Below

Cool Sculpt

In some cases, they charge $3500 to $4500 per session. They say maybe only one treatment is needed. It takes about three months to see results.....they show you pictures of what you  SHOULD look like. 



Very cold and uncomfortable--swelling Bruising, stinging, cramping, inflammatory colonists, deep vein thrombosis, and prolapsed bladder, uterus, and rectum.

HWX Light Therapy System

We use the most powerful light allowed by law, nobody has the system.

Immediate Inch Loss




Sculpt Sure

Take 2-3 months before you see any real difference. 










Long-Term pain, laser burns, nodule formation, blistering, scars, fever, swelling, abscess, cellulitis,  and blistering

Ultra Slim

$98000 ( 5 years lease or $128,000 for a  7 years lease) 


You can test market it for 2 months.  $12,900 each month than $3200 a month after that. 


reduce belly-fat
Infrared Light
Free Business Consultation

Change Your Lifestyle Today, you have nothing to lose just pound and inches. 

Infrared Light
1 Week Of Business Training
To Open Your Business Successfully.

Nature Coast Florida where you will be trained to get your Business Program started. 

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